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' height=208Remember your favorite toy
when you were a kid…

Whether you’re a fan, collector, or an everyday citizen - memories of that special plaything can still transport us back to the fun, fantasy and escape of playtime. The adventures we took with our favorite super heroes and princesses developed our imaginations, lifted our spirits, and inspired us to be better people. However, the devastating effects of serious illnesses and the economy have robbed many children of this joy. Collectors Care wants to make that hopeful experience available to every child, regardless of their financial or medical situation.

Fans of comic books, movies and television shows have a unique appreciation for a toy’s positive impact, and regularly show their passion and caring through donations, toy drives and character appearances. With the support of this community, Collectors Care will demonstrate their great philanthropic power by making character appearances and distributing toys to needy and sick children throughout the United States. We hope you’ll join us in our mission, and change a child’s life for the better!

Our Founder & Volunteer-In-Chief

David Bledsoe is the Founder and Executive Director of Collectors Care. As a long-time fan of comics, movies and television, David intimately understands how the imaginative stories of his youth can shape the morals and character of any child. He earnestly hopes that the work of Collectors Care will inspire needy children in this same way.

Collectors Care has allowed David to combined his personal passion with his professional expertise in the nonprofit and public relations sectors. David is a certified nonprofit manager through Indiana University's top-ranked School of Public and Environmental Affairs. With over 15 years of nonprofit management and communications experience, David has specialized skills in the areas of management, board governance, fund development, events, marketing, online promotion, video and media relations. You can view his LinkedIn profile and recommendations of his work at www.linkedin.com/in/dbledsoe


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Collectors Care 501(c)3 Letter

Our Recent Work

Nov 2017 - Collectors Care kicked off November with a donation of 20 stuffed animals to the Ronald McDonald House, and the sick kids they serve.

Oct 2017 - The homeless kids at The Crossing shelter received more than 20 costumes for trick or treating, and a special visit from spider-man at their Halloween party.

Oct 2017 - The homeless kids at Renaissance Children's Center received a spooky treat when Collectors Care delivered more than 30 Halloween costumes to help them celebrate the holiday.

Oct 2017 - Collectors Care and Spidey teamed up for Colorado Childrens Hospital's annual Hoosier Halloween party. We also dropped off 10 costumes to help the great kids they serve have a Happy Halloween!

August 2017 - Before school began, Collectors Care brought 20 brand new Star Wars backpacks and more birthday boxes for the homeless kids and families served by Renaissance Children's Center. We wish them success and many happy moments in the new year!

August 2017 - Homeless families in transition at Samaritan House were happy to receive almost $500 in toys and school supplies as August begins.

August 2017 - Collectors Care helped the Tennyson Center for Children prepare for the return of the at-risk kids they serve every school year with art kits and sports equipment. May these thoughtful gifts help them find success and brighter futures.

August 2017 - As summer wraps up, we made sure that the kids receiving cancer treatment at There With Care were well taken care of by delivering more than 30 toys before the start of school.

July 2017 - Nothing is better than a fluffy hug when you're far from home, and Collectors Care brought lots of furry friends for the kids staying at Ronald McDonald house while they receive treatment.

July 2017 - Summer has come! Collectors Care brought Doc McStuffins and Star Wars for the kids at Colorado Children's Hospital.

July 2017 - Alpha House of Tampa Bay didn't get in snow in July, but we sent some summer season's greetings with infant play mats and stuffed animals for the homeless kids and mothers they care for.

July 2017 - St. Josephs Hospital was also celebrating Christmas in July, so Collectors Care sent them a holiday present of more than $300 in toys for the kids they treat.

July 2017 - Legos and action figures were part of the donations we sent to Shriners Children's Hospital in Tampa. We hope these thoughtful gifts will help the kids they serve stay cool and keep their heads held high.

July 2017 - Collectors Care kicked-off Christmas in July with donations of thousands of dollars of toys to our partners during the lean summer months. Metropolitan Ministries received dozens of art sets for homeless kids in their summer camp program.

May 2017 - As the at-risk kids at Tennyson Children's Center ended school, Collectors Care brought them some special gifts from a galaxy far, far away.

May 2017 - Han Solo himself made an appearance at There With Care, bringing lightsabers and other galactic goodies for the kids receiving cancer treatments that they serve.

May 2017 - Brent's Place provides a refuge for kids receiving cancer treatment, and we brought a box of toys to resupply these courageous rebels on Star Wars Day.

May 2017 - Sure, Star Lord isn't in Star Wars, but the jedis at Ronald McDonald House in Aurora care more about the stuffed animals Collectors Care left to comfort them during treatment.

May 2017 - Collectors Care couldn't make the Kessel Run in 5 parsecs, but we got almost $300 toys to the kids at The Spring of Tampa Bay for May the 4th.

May 2017 - The mothers and children escaping abuse at the Alpha House of Tampa received Star Wars Crayola Design Sets, and many other toys, to ease their transition.

May 2017 - The kids at Nemours Children's Hospital received a lightspeed delivery of more than $250 of Star Wars toys to help them celebrate the Force on Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!

May 2017 - Collectors Care sent a box of lightsabers to the rebels at Give Kids the World in Orlando, helping make the wishes of the terminally ill kids they serve come true.

May 2017 - The Force was strong with the kids at Colorado Children's Hospital. Collectors Care dropped off lightsabers and a dozen other toys to lift the spirits of the children receiving care.

May 2017 - Collectors Care decided to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) by donating more than 100 Star Wars toys to our partner agencies. Renaissance Children's Center received 20 Star Wars Crayon tins and birthday boxes to help the homeless kids they serve.

March 2017 - We dropped off more than $500 in toys at There With Care, and the kids receiving cancer treatments that they serve. We hope these special gifts will raise their spirits.

March 2017 - It's Spring, and smiles are popping up everywhere at Shriners Hospital for Children thanks to the toys they received from Collectors Care this month.

March 2017 - Collectors Care began 2017 by bringing birthday wishes to the homeless kids at Renaissance Children's Center. We donated 10 birthday boxes to help their families celebrate their special day.

Dec 2016 - Denver Rescue Mission's Crossing Center for families received more than 30 toys for the homeless families and kids they serve. We hope this generous donation will help these children enjoy the holiday and inspire them to achieve self-sufficiency.

Dec 2016 - The at-risk kids served by the Tennyson Center for Children received almost 50 toys for their Operation Santa Claus program, that brings the joy of season to these special children.

Dec 2016 - Collectors Care brought almost 50 toys for the holiday shop at Ronald McDonald House. This special store allows families staying at the facility during the holidays to pick out Christmas gifts for their children receiving medical treatments.

Dec 2016 - To lighten their load, and help them transition back to self-sufficiency - Collectors Care donated a box of 30 toys for the homeless families served by Samaritan House. We hope these special gifts will give them the chance to make some great holiday memories.

Dec 2016 - Receiving cancer treatments, especially during the holiday season, can be tough. Collectors Care tried to brighten the lives of kids served by There With Care by donating more than 50 toys to make their Christmas a merry one.

Dec 2016 - Children receiving treatment in Tampa at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital got an extra special Christmas gift when Collectors Care sent almost 40 toys for their holiday celebration. Merry Christmas!

Dec 2016 - Collectors Care sent of LOAD of Olaf plush figures and other toys with season greetings to the terminally ill children receiving wishes at Give Kids the World Village in Orlando.

Dec 2016 - The kids receiving treatment at Shriners Childrens Hospital in Tampa received almost 50 toys to lift their spirits during the holiday season.

Dec 2016 - Nemours Childrens Hospital in Orlando received a large donation of toys for Christmas. We hope these thoughtful gifts will help the kids they provide medical treatments to have a brighter and merrier holiday.

Dec 2016 - Alpha House of Tampa, who serves young pregnant mothers with no where else to go, received a HUGE box of toys for the mothers and babies they serve - so they can have a joyous holiday too.

Dec 2016 - With the Christmas season quickly approaching, Collectors Care sent a box of toys for the homeless and at-risk families served by Metropolitan Ministries to brighten their holidays.

Oct 2016 - Collectors Care brought a HUGE box of basketballs, racquets and other sports equipment for the at-risk kids served by Tennyson Center for Children.

Oct 2016 - There were lots of birthdays this fall at Renaissance Children's Center, so Collectors Care brought plenty of birthday boxes for the homeless families they serve to help celebrate their kids' special days.

Oct 2016 - Ronald McDonald House in Aurora received dozens of stuffed animals from Collectors Care to help kids receiving medical treatments sleep well in the new and unfamiliar place.

Oct 2016 - Collectors Care donated more than 30 toys to There With Care, to help the kids, and their families, receiving cancer treatments overcome some of life's toughest circumstances.

Oct 2016 - The Give Kids the World Village in the heart of Disney received a box filled with wands, Olafs and other toys for the terminally ill kids taking the trip of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida.

Oct 2016 - Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa received more than 40 toys for the special children they serve with ambulatory disabilities. We hope these great kids will walk a little taller as their spirits are lifted by these generous gifts.

Oct 2016 - More than 30 homeless kids at Renaissance Children's Center had their spooky wishes granted when they received a Halloween costume. We hope these festive outfits brought plenty of tricks, treats and special memories for the families transitioning out of homelessness and back to self-sufficiency.

Oct 2016 - Collectors Care brought Spidey along for the Indiana University Hoosier Halloween celebration at Children's Hospital. The web-head posed for pictures with lots of kids, and brought along masks, costumes and toys for these special ghouls and goblins receiving treatment.
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